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Meet Terry, Director of Athletic Sales, UNX

Terry lives, breathes and bleeds sports. In the summer, you will find him every Sunday on a baseball mound, doing what he loves… pitching really badly. On the base paths, he won’t just run to the base, he loves sliding into second (head first) and getting his baseball uniform really #FunkedUpAndFilthy with ground-in clay. The first thing he does when he leaves the field is call his wife, “make sure the washing machine is empty.” True story. Because Terry doesn’t just live and breathe sports… he lives and breathes clean. 

Terry has been with UNX Incorporated since 2004. Before that, he was the Director of Housekeeping for many years at a South Carolina resort. He has worked in every aspect of laundry and when we say he knows his dirt and grime, he knows his dirt and grime. And that dirt and grime? Well, they live in fear.

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Everything Terry has learned about athletic laundry, he’s learned from the best…

John Brick. John worked in the athletic side of laundry for more than 20 years. From day one, when Terry was just getting started (through to today), John taught him everything he knows. We are thrilled to congratulate John on being the 2017 recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Athletic Equipment Managers’ Association. UNX also recently revealed The Brick! concentrated field paint and dye remover, named for the big guy.

U.N.X. Athletic Laundry

Robert asks:

“I have several years’ experience as an equipment manager, and now I’m hearing I can get away with just a one-product system. Am I supposed to believe that one product will do it all?”


Terry says:

“No. Absolutely not. A one-product solution that claims to fill all your athletic laundry needs just won’t cut it and could potentially be harmful to the uniforms. There are too many factors involved:

Clay. Field paint. Grass. Rye. Field dye. Blood. (to name a few)

Colors. Whites. Uniform material. Size of load. Etc…

MRSA, Staph., and other pathogens.

We get it. Who doesn’t love the next big thing or a shortcut to get things done faster? But there is a reason they say faster isn’t always better. And there is a reason products like oxygen bleach, sours, bacteriostats, alkalis, pre- and post-spotters exist. They get the job done. The bottom line: If you want it done right and you want the quality to be top notch, you need to use the best products, those formulated to attack specific laundry needs. At UNX, we pride ourselves – we really do – on creating the best-of-the-best products to ensure your laundry needs aren’t just met, but they let you breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the day… one less thing for you to worry about. So, enjoy the game and let UNX get the funk out.”

Have a Question for the Expert?

The one thing Terry loves more than playing sports and cleaning uniforms? Talking about sports and cleaning uniforms. So, if you have a question… he’s got an answer. Simply email Terry and he’ll be happy to answer your questions And hey, you may even be spotlighted on this page!

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